Monthly Archive:: June 2009

Down with inhumanity!

What’s wrong with human beings nowadays? Where is the humanity of Singaporeans? Aunt Antsy forwarded me some articles on animal abuse happening in Singapore recently, here and here. I am in complete agreement with her sentiments to

Out for blood

Banks are such parasitical, wretched bloodsuckers! Especially those that issue credit cards. Specifically, Citibank. Particular Citibank in Singapore. I swear they will suck the patience and life out of me. It felt like only yesterday that I

I Heart Paws…

Before: After: Both are pictures of the same cat. Only, the “after” picture do look much better, nicer and certainly exude some sort of delicateness as compared to the before-going-to-the-groomer’s-effect. The looks of Andy’s freshly groomed, smooth

Comprain comprain

There’s always never a harm to lodge a complain. Any complaints at all. Even when you think the probability of getting a civil reply is close to zero. Sometimes, you just gotta bite the bullet and put

French Onion Soup

If you are a vegetarian and think that it’s ok to order French Onion Soup when you dine in a restaurant, think again. As I found out, it is not as vegetarian as I thought it would