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Monthly Mystery Munchies #24 with Gen

Mmm. MmmAnniversary. MMM. M.M.M. As in mmm  being yummylicious and MMM being Monthly Mystery Munchies. Geddit? Mmm…yeah. Lame I know.  But.But.But…it’s just that I’m feeling incredibly pleased; almost intoxicated from the glee of  Gen and I sprinting

Monthly Mystery Munchies #24: Giraffe-Print Inspired Swiss Roll

Wouldn’t you believe it? 24! Not Kiefer Sutherland 24 but twenty-four as in the 24th edition of our Monthly Mystery Munchies.That’s 2 straight years of monthly cooking challenge between Gen, our talented Cheftress over at Eat, Play,

Monthly Mystery Munchies #23 with Gen

A kooky and frenzied schedule has got both Gen and me a little distracted as we dived in to a rough start of the month with our regular Monthly Mystery Munchies. In part, that was the main

Monthly Mystery Munchies #23: Choux Filled with Light Cream Cheese

The good greatest thing about getting our Monthly Mystery Munchies sorted out way in advance since December last year (!) has been an opportunistic advantage. Not only did I get to prepare this much earlier and schedule

Monthly Mystery Munchies #22 with Gen

R-U-G-E-L-A-C-H. This is rugelach: Credit: Gen @ Eat, Play, Clove Not only have I been banished to living in a little hole of a village, I also think that I may have been living under a huge