August 6, 2017

Sunday Humour: To-Do List

Category: Entertainment

Now, now. You would think this is lame, but I assure you it absolutely IS lame and I love it. In fact, I would challenge anyone to go try this sometime:

Credit:Google Image


How about it? Up for it?  I know I am, though my biggest problem would be trying to keep a straight face at #3. ;p

Tell me if you actually do this. Better yet, record it,  share your adventures and tag me! Now, go have an awesome to-do week. See you back here next week!


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  1. Robbie Cheadle

    Haha, Ann. A great end to Sunday!

  2. Now, this is funny, how long does it take. ☺☺☺

    • I bet it would be pretty long! LOL. Though I really don’t know long anyone can keep a straight face! Thank you for stopping by, Patricia. 🙂

  3. Good one! Bet that would get you some funny looks…


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