July 9, 2017

Sunday Humour: The Phone Test

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This one got me laughing out loud…

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…then something else comes to mind: How many of us in this day and age use home phone? I mean, I know of a few people who still do. In fact, we do have a home phone but it’s becoming more of an ornamental thingie rather than anything else.

It hardly ever rings anymore. 

Still, I bet it would be a funny thing to try with your home phone. 

Here’s to a ringing, smiley week!

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  1. That would be funny. I am one of those rare creatures with a home phone. I prefer to my cell which I use for work and texting.

    • You are pretty rare, indeed. I bet it’s the age group. Those in their late twenties and below that are usually the ones without home phones! But I could of course, be wrong!

  2. We have a home phone but only so we can keep in touch with my parents in the States. Though we mostly do that through FB and Skype. Another funny one I saw is someone sent a text to his friends to call his phone because he lost it. (he couldn’t have lost it if he was texting from it)

    • It comes with age and we know your age group..thus the home phone! LOL
      That’s really funny. So silly! :p


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