June 10, 2017

Monthly Mystery Munchies #26 with Gen

This month’s Monthly Mystery Munchies, otherwise also fondly abbreviated as MMM between my South African blogging buddy and I, might as well be called May the Month of Mishaps for Gen. 

That’s because the poor dudette’s computer had not only crashed on her, so had her (spare) hubby’s laptop and to add more excitement to the mix, the hurricane hit town at where she’s at.  

All that before she backed up her stuff – photos of this month’s recipes included. In her words:

My laptop crashed, along with the recipe, photos (which I had deleted from my phone upon upgrading a few days earlier), and everything was irretrievable. Everything.

Despite all that, her spirit has been high.

Whereupon I would be losing my head, Gen sounded zen when she narrated her mishaps to me. It must have been all that Flower Power added to her food. All the goodness of her fresh jasmine shrubs which she has been growing in her garden.

Credit: Gen @ Eat, Play, Clove

Some fuss and a little drama, Gen still delivers her magic in the form of one-pot (pan) limey, herby chicken with jasmine rice, using actual jasmine flowers, all in one dish. This one is special, it was even cooked in the storm colloquially called “Moerse Storm” it seems. You can’t get this any better than that I’d say!

Bummer that Gen lost all her pictures, though with a bit of imagination, I bet you’ll be drooling thinking about limey, herby chicken with jasmine rice all drenched with fresh jasmine flowers.

This recipe is indeed G.O.L.D. It’s all the fun of cooking, coupled with surprising events making this dish the real winner.

If I may add, flowers was a difficult theme too. Yet, Gen made it so simple with her Jasmine rice with real, fresh jasmine creation; something that did not even cross my mind when I experimented with my Pansy & Calendula Flowers Custard Cake

Come, come! Click away from here and give some of your love to Gen’s ah-may-zing-ly creative one-hell-of-a storm dish. Don’t forget to share it along!

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