May 6, 2017

Monthly Mystery Munchies #25 with Gen

Hello, hello, hello!

It’s Saturday and here we are adding another dish to our growing recipe collection as we contemplate, experiment and create kitchen magic while we continue to push our boundaries with the Monthly Mystery Munchies #25.

This month’s challenge is to pick a recipe the other has made over the last 24 months and make it our own. That was not the only common theme for unknowingly to the both of us, we took an almost similar approach to this months challenge:

  • We both have been easily confused
  • We suck at making decisions
  • We wanted to make several but didn’t have the heart to change the recipes in any way

And, and, and, and…amongst all the 50-something recipes from our list, we picked one where we decided to use pomegranate. Of all fruits! (OK, I used pomegranate juice because the fresh pomegranates are not in season. But still!) 

Gen decided to make my baked chicken cutlets in orange-plum sauce, swapping the orange-plum with orange-pomegranate instead. She also creatively swapped Worcestershire sauce with balsamic vinegar, and baked the chicken breasts in the fruit and honey while frying the veggies.

Credit: Eat, Play, Clove

In Gen’s words:

I was definitely apprehensive about this dish, because I genuinely didn’t want to change anything, but this is exactly why we do it – to challenge ourselves, and each other, and sometimes my husband, who has to put up with my to-ing and fro-ing and “but do you think it will taste as good?”, or “I’m definitely sticking with this recipe” until 5 minutes later “maybe I should try another one instead?”, the next day “what if I try granadillas instead?”

Gen claimed she was apprehensive. I say she’s a genius for her taking it to the next level with her own twist. And the fact that she made 3 versions (again!) over the course of 3 weeks because she was doing the to-ing and fro-ing is just pure dedication!

Pomegranate! Granadillas! It’s a shame pomegranates are not in season here now because Gen has once again inspired me to test out her recipe

There’s this one thing though. I can’t seem to be able to locate the chicken breasts she used in the picture above which I stole from her blog. So if you could please do me a favour: Would you please go to her site right now and check on that chicken in her Baked Orange-Pomegranate Chicken dish for me? I swear I must be have been blind!

And while you are there, do share your bloggily love too! 


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