April 8, 2017

Monthly Mystery Munchies #24 with Gen

Mmm. MmmAnniversary. MMM. M.M.M.

As in mmm  being yummylicious and MMM being Monthly Mystery Munchies. Geddit?

Mmm…yeah. Lame I know.  But.But.But…it’s just that I’m feeling incredibly pleased; almost intoxicated from the glee of  Gen and I sprinting to the 24th round of our challenge which we started 2 years ago post Blogging 201. Gen took the words right out of my mouth: 

It’s been an awesome experience. It’s been challenging, exciting, interesting, but, most of all, it’s been a hugely rewarding and positive experience.

I couldn’t agree more! Gen has been a phenomenal buddy; always up for new challenges as well as  pushing the boundaries and at times, came up with a crazy idea herself. Her Fruit with mains and serving a dish from another culture for an important important occasion that another culture celebrates comes to mind!

Beyond that, what’s more extraordinary is the friendship that has been formed from halfway across the world. Here’s to another two years of MMM and a lifetime of friendship! 

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Gen has been an absolute gem. Gen the Gem. (OK I’ll stop. For now).

While I went crazy over the top with my Giraffe-Inspired Colourful Swiss Roll, Gen took her yellow, green and red theme away with Couscous Salad with Chickpeas and Fresh Veggies.

Image Credit: Eat, Play, Clove

FIVE minutes. That’s THAT. Just.5.minutes to whip her dish up. In her words:

I chose couscous salad with baby tomatoes, red onions, a trio of peppers, olives and chickpeas. I serve this salad as a main course, and when I say it’s ridiculously easy, I’m not joking. There’s no cooking involved, except for preparing the couscous. That’s it. The whole thing literally takes five minutes – wash and slice the veggies while the couscous is standing in hot water. Mix together. Top with chickpeas. Done.

So, if you’re into raw, fresh ingredients, and you don’t have much time to prepare dinner, this is your guy. You can serve this as a side dish, which works well too. No fuss, no missioning, just easy, quick food.

That’s what I really love about themes. It’s not about the winning recipe, rather how you’d interpret the theme and you can scale it up or down as you like. Gen’s suggestion for this month was typically that – it really was open to interpretation.

I love how Gen has been dedicated and mindful to stay true to eating healthy with mostly vegetables and fresh ingredients. She never fails to inspire!

If you have come this far, it’s time to click away and hop over to Eat, Play, Clove for Gen’s healthy, super-simple 5 minute Couscous Salad with Chickpeas and Fresh Veggies. While you are there, do check out her other mouth-watering dishes too.

And make sure you leave her some bloggily love. See you back here, soon. 

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