March 10, 2017

Monthly Mystery Munchies #23 with Gen

A kooky and frenzied schedule has got both Gen and me a little distracted as we dived in to a rough start of the month with our regular Monthly Mystery Munchies.

In part, that was the main reason as to why the recent installment of our Monthly Mystery Munchies was posted only a few days ago instead of our regular first Friday of the month. But that’s just too much explaining, so without further ado, let me make you drool with Gen’s choice of chocolate understands:


See that? The colour contrast looks good together, eh! This is match-made in heaven. Trust Gen to reel you in with her words:

Chocolate cupcakes hollowed out and filled with cream cheese frosting, then topped with chocolate ganache. Hashtag inheaven! When you first bite into the cupcake, thereโ€™s a distinct chocolatey taste, swiftly followed by a burst of creamy vanilla, then finished with a creamy ganache. Lots of creaminess, so much of!

There is no way, and I mean NO WAY a description like that will not make you weak in the knees. Plus, if you zoom in on the pictures, those cupcakes look oh-la-la-la. 

I noticed she used Bulgarian yoghurt in her recipe. Now…that intrigues me. I wonder if the yoghurt being Bulgarian makes a difference to the the cupcake itself.

It makes me wonder if that’s a secret ingredient than the usual use of butter cream?

Gen has a little of explanation to do there in sharing her wisdom on this elusive Bulgarian Yoghurt to my ignorant head. I wonder what magical powers lie in Bulgarian Yoghurt! I’m intrigued. I’m sre you are too.

That said, please do visit Gen @Eat, Play, Clove for her fabulous recipe. Don’t forget to leave her some comments and send her your lovin’!

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  1. With taking care of my folks, I have been falling off on my “visiting!” I’m sure glad I didn’t miss these…do they ever sound crazy good. I do a cream cheese cupcake but NOT like this – they’re wimpy in comparison!


    • No worries, Mollie! From one “falling off visiting” to another, I completely understand. Hope your folks are OK. x.
      And Gen definitely does good cream cheese stuffed cupcakes ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Oh-la-la-la cupcakes & all goodies!๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿง


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