March 1, 2017

February’s Fabric of Nature

Would you believe it?

February just flew by, March swiftly showed up and with that, winter would soon be gone. In this part of the world, we all should be heading for Spring soon enough.

Spring! My favourite season of the year where the leaves would start sprouting and the flowers ablooming all around. Best time of the year in my opinion. I can feel the springs underneath my feet already!

That said, it would be a shame to let February be forgotten. For in all that month, the fabric of nature was luminously decorated by mother earth with such beautiful colours of the Dutch sky. Sights that were hard to ignore as we go about our long daily commute. 

Armed with just my camera phone, please allow me share my awe and wonderlust with you where every day has been different. And each day gave us a different canvas of the Dutch landscape to fall in love with: 

Sun behind the clouds
The late riser on a cold, winter day…lighting up the day only after 9 a.m!
This could not get weirder: Sun rising in the back and the moon was still bright and big right ahead!
That’s that same moon again, half an hour later on the same day!
Then it rained and the sun came up. It was somewhere over the rainbow they say!

It is sights like those that makes my world goes round. It makes me happy, even if my day had been a shitty one. Sights for sore eyes, reminding us to breathe and appreciate the things around us.

Here’s to a wonderful month of March; a month full of hope, beauty and kindness all around. 

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  1. Nature is amazing! Gorgeous photos, Ann!

    • Right? It does make you stop in your tracks just a little bit and I can gawk at such things all day. Fortunately those sights do not go on forever or I will not get my ass on to do anything! :p


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