February 19, 2017

Sunday Humour: 9 Ways

As I have recently discovered from one of my social media feeds, there are  9 ways to look at the Netherlands:

Source: FB Newsfeed

For the uninitiated like myself who is still trying to recognise the areas in the map of the Netherlands, this is quite enlightening. And funny! 

I’d love to pop by the “Not Holland” area and mingle with the people with the funny accents – they seem to be like the fun bunch to be with during Carnival!

Here’s to 9 wonderful ways to enlighten your week.  

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  1. We always refer to the Netherlands as Holland. Now I have to look up difference. Where on the map are you?

    • I use them interchangeably. I think most people here refers to the country as Holland too! We are on the part where lots of people are sober during carnival, nearer to other accents! LOL

      • Sober during carnival – you’re no fun ๐Ÿ˜›

        • According to Silver Bullet, the Carnival is kind of silly with dressing up and stuff, but when you are amongst everyone like that, you just gotta join in the fun. So I suggested that perhaps we should all be heading that way. :p


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