February 4, 2017

Monthly Mystery Munchies #22 with Gen


This is rugelach:

rugelach-cooked-1Credit: Gen @ Eat, Play, Clove

Not only have I been banished to living in a little hole of a village, I also think that I may have been living under a huge ass rock as this has been my very first time hearing about this dessert called Rugelach.

To the clueless like me out there, this is a traditionally Jewish delight usually reserved for special occasions such as Hanukkah. Let me also tell you that if not for my dear South African friend, Gen over at Eat, Play Clove, I would not have known of its delightful existence.

And that would be dreadful! 

According to Gen:

It’s become more popular and now it’s made for any occasion.Flaky pastry smothered in peanut butter, topped with chocolate chips, rolled up and baked in the oven, literally melts in your mouth. This is a fitting recipe for this month’s theme – a dish that’s derived from a different culture for special occasions. made for this month’s mystery munchies.  

This is a great idea for parties, but don’t just take my word for it. Please do pop over to her blog and check out her flaky, cream cheese pastry recipe if you haven’t already.

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  1. It’s funny to read this, because in NY, even far north of the City, rugelach is as common as any other pastry. Not sold in a doughnut store, but in bakeries everywhere. The difference is, as with anything else, better bakeries make better rugelach. I’m very happy to read of your discovery!

    • Really? Now that’s very enlightening. See, I told you I have been living under a rock, Barb! LOL.

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    • Thank you! I’ve sent you an email with my submission as well. Always fun to participate in recipe challenge. Thanks for the invite. 🙂


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