January 10, 2017

Predictably Unpredictable

If there’s one thing you can count on in the Netherlands is the fact that the weather here can be predictably unpredictable. 

Sometimes cloudy; sunny if you are lucky, other times rainy and recently mostly foggy with lots of wind. Like the last time we experienced the biting winter in Holland 4 years ago, snow is possible, but not always a common occurrence. That is if it ever snows at all. Just don’t bet your life on it.

But those tiny balls of cotton came by last weekend. It snowed for only a few hours in the night but that few hours were enough to (dis)colour the pavements in our neighbourhood. I don’t think we were expecting snow that day.

Just like that, the streets were transformed and littered with powdery whites till the next day.  

Snow on the walkway

If the kids were home that night, I’d wake them up. But they weren’t as they just happened to be at their grandparents’ that day. Bummer that, for I would love to watch the expressions on their faces as they witnessed their first snow.

The crystallised confetti of nature lasted long enough for the kids to play when they got home the next day. Even the cats were amused!

Amused Cats
Bemused kids

My heart swelled as I watched them revel in the wonder of nature. It was cold but they had a blast playing outside with whatever leftover snow they could get their hands and paws on.

They, the kids that is, amused themselves to make minuscule snowballs and laughed to their hearts’ contents as their little feet crunched through the melting white crystals. They had no care in the world and enjoyed every minute of it.

The snow had all melted by now, but it’s looking like that we’ll be expecting snow again this weekend. The kids will be thrilled! And this time, I’ll get to wake them up if it starts snowing at night.

Oh yes, I will! Even if they are fast asleep as there’d be no way I wouldn’t.

Only because I want to see that precious look on their faces as they experience it with such innocence and I want to be able to still-frame that expressions I had miss the first time.

It’s just one of those life essentials.

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  1. You’re brave to wake them. I prefer to see their excitement in the morning to find the outside world turned white over night. We have piles of the stuff here and we love it, too. Thought it’s too dry to make snowballs and snowmen and igloos. Still good for sledding!

    • I haven’t yet! But I think I will and usually they know they’ve got to go back to sleep…maybe it would just take them longer and we can sleeo in on the weekend. Canada snows like crazy and it’s awesome that you can make igloo and even go sledding! we were just making little palettes. LOL

  2. Watching the snowfall is always magical!
    My daughter couldn’t get enough of eating & licking them,I just had to stop nagging at her since the smile on her face is priceless!
    After a winter wonderland experience in Austria and here in Germany that it is bloooddyyy cold and my garden already dissapeared and covered with snow,I am starting to not like it.
    Snow is fun for pleasure but to go on everyday life,its not just my favourite season!:-(
    I am already looking forward to Spring…πŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸ’
    Stay safe & don’t let the Dutch weather bug you! XX

    • The good thing is you know these seasons will not last for too long! It’s a bummer to see the garden disappear eh? We don;t have a garden, so it’s not much of a bother. The snow is also not that much…more like a “token”” you know. LOL.
      Reading your post on Austria — that’s so cool you guys went there. So much fun and your daughter is so lucky to be travelling at such a young age. Something she will remember for sure! Enjoy the winter! x.

  3. I think they would love to be woken up to watch it snow.


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