January 7, 2017

Monthly Mystery Munchies #21 with Gen

A little salsa topped with runny yellow with your breakfast?

Credit: Gen @Eat, Play, Clove

You didn’t think I was talking about dancing with something yellow that runs, do you? Indeed, I wasn’t. I was referring to this month’s theme on Gen’s breakfast creation, and, if you look at the picture above, wouldn’t you just love to poke into the yellow knowing that it’s all runny!

A little spice and egg, topped what Gen called as Huevos rancheros – a traditional Mexican breakfast consisting of a tomato-y veggie salsa, topped with eggs, and rolled in a tortilla. For ffs, she missed out on the avos because they were hard. But true to her culinary calling, they soldiered on.

In her words:

This dish is flexible though, so I served it on seedloaf. We also had it for dinner last night. Oh, and “ffs” stands for “for food’s sake” – get your mind out of the gutter!


FFS, this is what you want to have for breakfast. Quick, easy and no fuss. Very vegetarian-friendly, too.

 Fly by her cove @ Eat, Play and Clove and say hi to Gen will you? Make sure you check out her recipe and if you can, pop her a couple of avos! 



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