December 11, 2016

Sunday Humour: Wealth

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There’s no way I could ever be rich but with the new definition of wealth these days, I guess you can never know! 


Silver in my hair is definitely multiplying! I’m selling if you want it. 

Here’s to the accumulation of wealth..of wisdom and a wonderfully wealthy week ahead in whatever form they may be. 

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  1. I hear ya on the silver. Mine would totally be if I had any. It shows up so well in my beard when I don’t shave for a week!

    • Hahahhaha! For a sec I forgot your are bald. :p That’s one spot you dont have to worry about. Those silver things are sneaky…wait till it shows up on your brows and…your nose! LOL.

  2. Oh, please! You’re a baby. Silver doesn’t mean anything. I’m old and have no gray hair. I got that from my mom who is almost 78 and barely has any. Otherwise, all of the above, haha.

    • you have NO gray (grey) hair? Aren’t you just lucky!! I actually started greying before I turned 35. I’m thinking of going platinum blonde or blue now to cover up all that silver! LOL. I think those colours are cool.
      Looks like you are enjoying “wealth”Jas! xoxox.

      • Gray is more common in American English (as well as color vs. colour), but both are correct.
        To answer your other questions, my birthday is Dec. 10 and last day on my job was on the 9th. YAY!
        Warm shower is just as good for the kiddos. I understand your vested interest, lol. XOXO

        • Aiiii! I didn’t know! Happy belated birthday, Jas! I hope you have a wonderful celebration with family (and food!) too! *muaaaackks* And congrats to the last day of your job too. Must be such a relief!
          As you can tell, I’m more attuned to the “other” English..must be from the era of colonisation in Singapore. :p
          There’s always vested interest…somewhere…(not always!) ;p

          P.S: Dropped you a quick message on twitter!


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