December 9, 2016

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Featuring Gen’s #20 MMM

My head has been a little bit in the sand this week (thus, an unusually delayed shout-out post) but Gen sure did knock me over like a gust of wind when she presented her braai with …wait for it…Ostrich Fillet!

Not only did she splurge on this bird, she also made sure that this recipe is (in her own words): Monkey Easy. How monkey easy you ask? Well, with only 4 ingredients mixed together, then throw it on a grill,  it is pretty darn monkey easy!

Photo Credit: Gen @Eat, Play, Clove

Look at that slab of meat? It’s red, it looks juicy and it tastes like beef. Look at that juice oozing all around it. With that, I don;t think you’d need additional sauce with that. Cut a piece and swish it all around!

Have you tried ostrich meat? I haven’t –  or at least not that I can remember; but according to Silver Bullet, we tried it once (or twice) a long, long time ago when we were still living in Bangkok. We must have splurged!

For the life of me, I cannot remember.  So I maintained that I haven’t. 

After #20 of Monthly Mystery Munchies, Gen is still so fired up like it’s the first (as do I!). She cites:

You see, it’s braai (BBQ) season in South Africa. Actually, we braai in the rain too; we’re that committed. However, the sun is out, summer is here, and the fridge is stocked with beer (his) and white wine (mine) in anticipation of this quintessential South African pastime.

When I was tossing ideas around, The Husband happily agreed to oblige me because beer. He loves nothing more than standing around open flames, talking about whatever, having a beer (six pack) and enjoying the weather. Marinades are easy, delicious, and fun to play around with. The reason I chose ostrich fillet is because it’s something different.

The beauty of this dish is also that the meat is all cooked in 6 minutes flat! If you haven’t make it there, be sure to click away from my page to  check out her super-easy Marinated Ostrich Fillet Recipe. Don’t forget to leave her some foodie love while at it.

And oh! if you missed my post earlier this week, pop over to my Singapore styled non-skewered satay all decked out in Asian fare.

You know what else is awesome? Both Gen and I are on a roll having our themes all sorted till March 2017. That’s FOUR months and FOUR  themed recipes ahead of time. Stay tuned! 

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  1. Gen

    You are a sweetheart! Thank you so much, Ann! I was thinking about you last week and I’m still drooling over your MMM. Lots of love XOXO

    • you are more than welcome, gen! it should not have taken too long to put this up but at least it is up! xoxoxo. *muaacks* I;m ready for Jan’s MMM! 😀


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