November 17, 2016


The world was raving about the super moon the other day. Another moon known as the Perigee Full Moon as it gets closest to the earth on its orbit on 14th November. My friend Jas captured it beautifully with her Canon Rebel Telephoto Lens and posted an impressive image @All_thats_Jas on IG

In astrology, it is believed that the few days within perigee is the time where many (not all) of the most severe events occur. Perhaps that explained chaos in the last 2 weeks? 

The next sighting is expected to be in 2034 November 25. I’ll be pretty old by then, if not senile or dead.

Here in the Netherlands, the moon decided on a no-show.

We didn’t even have to wait for it because as soon as it was about to get dark (which now starts at about 4.30 pm), the sky got too cloudy for any kind of sky watching. It also rained at night.  

Traffic has been chaotic too. Way too chaotic. So chaotic that we’ve got stuck in traffic for more than 2 hours (both ways!) in the last few days. It was almost like being back in Bangkok. 

To add on to that, on the day I had to take the public transport home (again), the tram/metro was suspended due to a collision. I only got home 3 hours later. Train/Tram/Metro suspensions seemed to happen each time I had to take the public transport home. That was the 3rd continuous time it happened to me. Apparently, I was just plain unlucky!

Show or no-show, I blame the severe occurrence of the traffic mayhem on the Perigee Moon.

Well, partly.

The other part I blame it on drivers who think they are immortal and insist on engaging with their mobile phone while driving. And the stupid train schedule. 

So. There was no moon for us to gawk at on November 14th but what we did see was a  gorgeous morning sky. A sky so orange and beautiful that I forgo-ed my nap while in the car ride. 

Ann GrubbsnCritters ©
GrubbsnCritters ©
GrubbsnCritters ©


Beautiful sight there, isn’t it? Come follow me on Instagram @grubbsncritters for random photo updates of the amazing things I see around me!

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  1. DW got a nice shot of it. Glad she did since I’ll be 58 when the next one comes around!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Ann! I’m glad we had clear skies because next time I’ll be most likely…well, dead. LOL
    That skyscape you captured is amazing in its self even without the moon. I’m starting to believe you’re the reason the public transportation crashes. You should be banned from using it, hahah 😛

    • Most welcome, Jas! Or just really old…shaky hands to even take a picture. LOL.
      I love looking at the skyscape; sometimes they are just too beautiful to ignore. Good thing I was not the one driving. :p I don’t know what to say about the public transport…it’s my nightmare these days. Urrghhhhhhh!


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