November 5, 2016

Monthly Mystery Munchies #19 with Gen

“Only Veggies Will Do!” and this theme is nothing alien to my awesome food blog buddy Gen over at Eat, Play and Clove who is always game to play along with themes and/or rules attached to our Monthly Mystery Challenge

With the required use of 3 different vegetables and 1 (non-meat) protein, Gen made a side dish which is not a salad using more than just 3 veggies and Ta-daaaaa!

Source Image: Gen @Eat, Play, Clove


That my friends is Hummus. Wonderful, creamy, nutty hummus and Gen has used sunflower seeds instead of the usual sesame seeds for Tahini. Look at that layer of olive oil all around! Uhmmmm….yummmmmm.

So what exactly is hummus? Here’s Gen’s take on it:

It’s easy and delicious, that’s what. It’s an Egyptian dip or spread made from chickpeas, tahini (ridiculously easy to make), garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice. Blitz everything together until smooth and serve with veggies. You can serve it with raw veggies, like carrots, celery, peppers, etc, or cook them, as I did. What I did in the case of cooked veg is I mixed the hummus with the veggies once they’d cooked. The leftovers I used as a dip for a barbecue.

Gen’s a badass, mind you; especially with chillies. So taking a leaf from Gen’s book and even if you think you totally can do chillies, give it a taste test first or it’ll be a total waste of food! 

Making hummus in our household happens to be Silver Bullet’s speciality. That said, this is one recipe which I’m sure he’d be excited to try, especially since he already bought a can of chickpeas a few weeks ago to well, make hummus!

I think Gen made a great choice for this theme. With a Crazy Easy level of difficulty, it’s really not that much work. So go on, pop over to Gen’s Chilli Hummus with Roast Veg for her wonderful, all healthy, all veg recipe!

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  1. I looooveeee Hummus! Back then in Kuwait I love the ones from the Egyptian matam (restaurant) and the one from Lebanese restaurant. I like to eat it together with grilled laham (meat), shish taouk, and even veggies. I introduced this to my husband and He loved it too.
    I decided to make one and glad it has been approved !Delicious & nutritious .

    • They are sooo goood, aren;t they! A Mediterranean thing and I do enjoy Lebanese food too. Too yummy! You need to post that recipe of yours! 🙂


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