November 14, 2016

A New Chapter Dutch Style

The opportunity for relocation to work in the Netherlands for the same organisation never did materialise. This was despite several conversations and engagements I’ve had prior, off and on for more than 15 months since Mar/April last year.

With several (unsolicited) referrals which I got from superiors and fellow colleagues from various continents,  I managed to preserve my faith for a chance of a transfer. As time ticked on, I kept my head up for as long as I could up till when I resumed my duties to support our Thai office on remote after our move to Holland. 

From then on, the response was lukewarm at best, if not non-existence. 

Slowly but surely, the radio silence fueled my insecurities – my confidence brutally killed, my capabilities questioned and my already fragile ego crushed. I felt  very unappreciated; it was like I was just being shoved aside. I then decided that it would be best to start looking for opportunities outside of my organisation.

It was timely, especially since my tolerance of being cooped up at home was running thin. My allegiance had wavered and I turned my attention to Linked-In applying for positions at various levels that would require my skills regardless of my industry of expertise. 

With a mindset of seriously considering to start my career in a new country from scratch, I was ready to roll-up my sleeves and start from the bottom if need be. I did not want to believe that I’m less relevant at my old(er) age with the virtue of my nationality and ethnicity.

Along with that, I put in a concerted effort to cold-calling competitive organisations to pitch my skills and experience.

Very unfortunately, all…and I mean ALL applications via Linked-In were met with an outright rejection or non-response. My self-doubt grew.


To my delight, the cold-calling worked.I finally got calls for interviews after about 2 months of customising cover letters after cover letters ! Pure cold-calling with no help from any business associates I knew. 3 companies, 5 phone calls, 4 interviews and 1 assignment later, I was offered a position with a multi-national organisation with the competition. 

It could have been the unexpected sighting of the shooting star and/or it could be pure luck, coincidence or the case of being at the right place and the right time; but I have to tell you this: The offer came several days following my 3-Month Mark post.

I remember throwing my intent out to the universe when I wrote that bit, wanting so bad to believe in the astrological phenomenon behind the Sturgeon Moon:  That the moon would bring about change with the beginning of eclipse season. A time in which some areas in our lives would be going through a change of endings and/or new beginnings.

The timing could not have been better. In fact, I thought it was almost creepy! 

But whatever that was, I feel very blessed: Thankful for the opportunity, grateful for the respite and humbled by spirited inner faith for this chance to continue my career in the industry I have personally evolved with for almost 2 decades. Most of all, so very relieved to be able to earn an income and be financially independent. 

My new adventure started last week after serving a 2 months notice with a small break in between. A week on, what still stuck with me was the Dutch hospitality meted out on my very 1st day of work:

A bunch of Dutch workplace hospitality


It’s not a normal practice in a Dutch workplace as I discovered, but I was told that it was indeed a very positive sign of a good organisation. The flowers are quite dead by now and while it is still too early to speculate anything at all, there is a vibe going on. En alles goed.** 

Let there always be light, for things have a very funny way of working out in the strangest possible ways. 

** Translation: And all is good!


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  1. Congrats on the new job! So exciting to start a new chapter!

  2. Wooohooo! Mama back in the sadlle!
    Congratulations Anne..Gefeliceteered! new phone, make sure to give me a message from that sleek iPhone ok?!
    Could’nt be more happier for you, do you remember what I told you last time you wrote about “The world you know”, now it’s your time to shine again.
    From a trailing spouse to a trailblazing wife!
    Have fun and enjoy the Dutch life!

    • Yes, I remember! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you, and I’m happy for the fresh start too. I’m all android; need to get use to the iphone and that’s all work stuff.
      Hope you are having a wonderful week there in Bavaria, my friend!


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