October 4, 2016

Rainbow and Pixie Dusts

This is it.

September departed, October just showed up and comes hell or high water, it is bringing us into the last quarter of the year. In a month, things will all be different from now. It’s not slowing down. So typical of October, isn’t it?

With the summer well and truly over, the darkness is now upon us earlier as the last light dissolves into the night sky at about 7-ish. Each passing day gets a little chillier by the hour and the rain is showing up rather frequently too. Atypical of fall in this country of lowlands.

But autumn is still in its early days. There are still lots of greenery all around and we are still getting quite a bit of sun in this part of the world despite the chill and wet factor. And we all know what happens when the sunshine comes after the rain:

Grubbs ‘n Critters©
Grubbs ‘n Critters©
Grubbs ‘n Critters©

We were just driving out of the carpark after groceries and then, there it was! Clear, bright and spectacular. The sight accompanied us all the way home;  snapped the kids right out of their whiny frenzy . All of the 5 minutes of the journey home. Such beauty. 

And we all know what they say when you see those colourful arches across the sky.

That somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.

That was how our October came creeping in last weekend. In that land we called The Netherlands. Then, just like September, the bands of colours in the sky disappeared. All gone too soon.

A reminder that despite the rain, there is beauty around us. A jolt to be present and appreciate such moments. A prompt to remind us as to how far we have come along this season; healthy, alive and well. Within it, we take with us the amazing adventures, exquisite experiences, magical memories, wonderful wisdom and worldly wits in all shapes, sizes and forms; distorted et all.

All of which are essential pre-requisites to shape our arsenal of life happening somewhere over that rainbow where we know the skies are blue. And that, when we hope and dream the dreams we dare to dream, whatever that dream is, they really do come true.

Sending you a million thousand pixie dust in colourful colours of the rainbow to usher you smoothly into the last quarter of the year. And while you get busy getting there, don’t forget to look up at what’s above you. Let nature take your breath away. 

See you at the end of your rainbow!

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  1. Love your photos…they make me homesick. Although I’m not lowlands’ native, they look like home, with brick houses so typical for European countries. Wishing you happiness at the end of your rainbow, but a pot of gold wouldn’t hurt either. XO

    • I’d love a pot of gold! That would double my happiness! 😉
      You know Jas, some of the European houses can be really old and right from the 40s or even before. YOu need to grow your roots back in Europe! x.

  2. Ah very encouraging..thanks for the rainbow photos.I love them.It has been wet & cold the last days here, I guess the temps will drops even more.Sending you warm love from Bavaria!

    • 😀 glad you like the shot, Christina. Thought it’s a bit haphazard as I was trying to capture it as quickly as I can from inside a moving car. Sending you lots of warmth too!! x.

  3. Beautiful photos accompanying a wonderful post. Sounds like you are getting similar weather over there. Dark around 7 and cool and rainy weather. Can’t wait to see some photos of the leaves changing!

    • Thanks Eric! 🙂 Although, I’m not so sure I’m liking the cold…it’s been really chilly. :/ The leaves changing would be a beautiful sight!

  4. Lovely post, especially after my rainbow disappeared.

    • Thank you , Matthew! 🙂
      Your rainbow will be back for sure and probably many times more! x.

  5. Good reminder to always look up. Today is a grey day but nevertheless beautiful. I love heavy rain clouds too. But then, down here, I know the bad weather will not last forever.

    • 🙂
      I’ve been obsessed with the sky and clouds since we got here…all from the aftermath of the 11 years deprivation living in a concrete jungle. ;p


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