September 2, 2016

Monthly Mystery Munchies #17: Creamy Chicken Liver Pâté Cheesy Dip

Dippity dippity dip!

That’s how we roll this month with “Signature Dip” as the central theme for our  September’s Monthly Mystery Munchies #17. No complicated rules attached but to just share: 

  • what makes this dip special and
  • what makes it “signaturely yours”…you know, that unique touch that shouts “It’s Gen!” or “It’s Ann!”

Just what could that be?!

There’s one big benefit of living in Holland if you are a cheese lover. We are consumed by cheeses. All types of cheeses, nothing too expensive and the Dutch drown in them. I bet you that there is not one single household in Holland where they don’t keep cheese in their fridge. That’s just not done.  

So here’s where I’ve come to with my unplanned signature dip: I decided that making a dip dish under 25 minutes from prep to cooking would be a great idea. So is using just one ingredient in this signature dish that’s not commonly used with a traditional dip which is not a garnish.

Incidentally (and very conveniently!), we had some creamy chicken liver pâté in the fridge so I decided to use it as the key flavour binder along with thinly sliced chicken delis and pan-fry without any oil. Then I mix them in, along with some herbs and spices, to a boat-load of the different variation of cheese I could get my hands on. 

A smoked fresh chilli adds a little bit of kick to the taste. Then I threw it in the oven. Voila.

Thinly sliced chicken deli and pate in the pan!
When all the cheeses melt, it all binds together

This is possibly not the healthiest of choice considering the cheese overload, but the fusion of flavours surprised me. The very first time I made it and threw a bunch of stuff inside, it was pretty much gone in minutes. Silver Bullet was raving about how good this was and my in-laws love it.

Later on, I made more and more of those prior to posting this up just because it is so easy and quick to make. Each time with a little variation and each time looking a little better than the previous. It’s been an ideal side for when you have guests. Here’s another variation where I added chives and spring onions:

This was before it went into the oven
An another drizzled with smoked paprika powder and Pecorino in Mommy and Child size
Out of the oven it came!


So far, those who tried came back for seconds.Soooo sooo good that if you serve it with bread (and make it a cheesy one too), plain nachos or tortilla chips, you will not be able to stop dipping.

Using mozzarella and herbed cheeses like white asparagus cheese, or pesto cheese would be a good way to vary the taste. Add a handful of crushed fried shallots if you wish. Or even finely chopped beef salami. There’s really no limit here and I like that subtle chicken pate flavour which gives its unique taste.

The best part of this is that it’s all done just about under 25 minutes. And depending on how big the surface area of the dish is, it should last you and your guest(s) for minimally an hour. That is if you don’t have too many hands dipping!

Here goes this month’s creation:

Creamy Chicken Liver Pâté Cheese Dip
Serves 4
A decadent, addictive and super cheesy dip with a secret ingredient that would make you come back for more!
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
25 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
25 min
  1. 1-2 tbsp chicken pâté
  2. 1-2 roasted red chilli
  3. 3-4 pieces chicken deli, sliced thin
  4. 2 tspn paprika
  5. 1 tspn Worcestershire sauce
  6. Slightly less than half tspn cumin powder
  7. Half teaspoon curry powder (optional)
  8. 1 pack of light cream cheese (2 packs if you intend to make more)
  9. 3 types of grated cheese – half a cup of each type (I used old gouda, old cheddar and regular Dutch cheese)
  10. More grated cheese for toppings (I used a combo of pizza topping cheese, fresh mozzarella and parmesan)
  11. 3 tbsp skimmed milk
  12. A few sprigs of parsley, finely chopped
  13. Chives for toppings, chopped
  1. Slice chillies into half, de-seed if needed and roast on a pan for about 3-4 minutes. Take them out of the pan and chopped finely. Set aside
  2. Using the same pan and without using any oil, brown the sliced chicken deli and add in the creamy chicken pâté
  3. Add Worcestershire sauce, paprika, cumin powder, curry powder (if used) and parsley. Mix well and fry for a couple of minutes. Turn off the heat and transfer the mixture into an oven-proof container
  4. Add the roasted chopped chilli, the light cream cheese and grated cheese into the bowl. Mix well. You'll now see a little colour in your cheese mixture
  5. Mix in the milk. When the mixture is all evenly mixed, top with grated cheese
  6. Sprinkle a handful of chopped chives on top as garnish
  7. Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes on high or until the top turns golden brown and the topping melted
  8. Serve with nachos, tortillas or crispy bread
  9. Enjoy!
  1. The use of chicken pâté is the key difference to this dip. Add more pâté if you wish
  2. The use of milk is optional as I used it to just slightly liquify the mixture. I have also used heavy cream as an alternative to milk and that would just make the dip richer and heavier
Grubbs n Critters
Take my word for it: You really have to try this. And, if you really like it, share it, pin it and tweet it! Then come follow me to check out my buddy over at Eat, Play, Clove with her very own signature dip.

By now, you should already know how creative Gen can get to make it her own. If you aren’t drooling with what I have on my post, I bet you would be by the time you get to Gen’s.

With this challenge and without an inch of doubt, I am more than just sure she has created a signature dip that shouts “Only.Gen’s!”. She would be leaving you drooling and rolling over quite quickly! Let’s go!


Monthly Mystery Munchies features every first Friday of the month in collaboration with Gen, Author of Eat, Play, Clove. and I’m waiting in anticipation on what Gen would unleash for next month’s challenge. Please stay tuned.

See you next month! Meantime, I’m taking this dip over to #FiestaFriday. Make sure you mosey over there as well!

In response to Stomper Dad’s Taboo Challenge with no use of  the words “at” and “do”  (Yes, I checked with CTRL + F) in this post as I realised that this post easily covers the challenge set for Day 1 and Day 2! How’s that for the first challenge eh! What are you waiting for?  Join in the fun and add your link to take part in the challenge


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  1. Way to go covering two days at once. I too did the CTRL+F thing. I found a “do” in today’s posts and quickly replaced it 🙂 This stuff looks good! You had me at cheesy!

    • CTRL+F is nifty! I got the 2-in-1 idea from A Momma’s View when I read her response to your challenge. I CTRL+F mine and found none with “at” and only ONE word with “do”. It was just convenient! I wanted to link her too but I couldn’t find the post anymore for some reason.
      That stuff will make you an addict, Eric! LOL.

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks absolutely fabulous…bookmarking this one!

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you! I hope you have a chance to try it. Let me know if you ever do, too!

  3. Attention! There is a Dutch national here who ‘hates’cheese and anything made with it! Maybe He just pretend to be Dutch ! and should I add eggs too from the banned foods in his menu?
    What I do? eat cheese in private or it’s just me who will consume all what I’ve made something with cheese! 🙂

    These dippity-dips are looking so hot & fine …i wanna dip my nachos into badly.Great job Ann!

    • Bwahahhaaha! My brother in law only eats cheese that’s melted, my daughter eats cheese if it’s mixed in food and my son is a big cheese monster like his dad so I wouldn’t have guessed that your husband isn’t into it at all. And eggs? Allergy? Or just personal dislike? He’d be appalled at a number of eggs and cheese we use at home. Especially when baking is involved. LOL.

      I feel you that you cannot eat it. I’d say, eat it in private when he’s not around. 😉

  4. I’d say I’m impressed… with the recipe and the missing ‘at’ + ‘do’. Well done!

  5. I think I just drooled over the photos! That cheesy topping – wow! I think I’d just spoon this up and eat as is! 😀 Thanks for having this for our Fiesta Friday party. x

    • Ohhh…spooning it up and eat it as it is, is a very good way of enjoying it. My kids do that and using their fingers to dip! Not the most hygienic, but I always keep a small portion for the sharing of immediate family’s saliva! LOL
      I love the variety of food on Fiesta Friday. Will definitely be back!:D Thanks for popping by, Jhuls!

  6. Gen

    Ann, you went 1st class all the way with this one, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from you! What an original idea to add chicken liver pate with not one but three cheeses! I love how you think, I love how you pair ingredients and constantly give me good ideas. This is quite incredible, what an absolute treat! Fabulous job, I am so impressed!

    • Awww…thank you, my dear bloggy buddy! You are too kind. *muuuacksss* You know what’s funny though – the chicken pate was essentially a left-over and I’m so thrilled it turned out waaay better than I expected. With the exception of cheeses that smell like feet, I’d think the combo of other types of flavoured cheeses would make it just as wonderful! I hope you get to try it and because it’s so versatile, you can always give it your own twist! 😀
      And thank you for being such a sport, Gen! Looking forward to your challenge next month! xoxox

  7. I’ve never used pate as an ingredient but I’m assuming you can buy it in a can. What an interesting and fun recipe with lots of cheese! As you said you can make this dip “your own”.

    • I supposed you can! I’ve never actually seen pate in a can…the ones that are sold here are wrapped up like a sausage. 😀 Otherwise, if you can get some fresh chicken liver, you can also make your own pate like the one I made here:! That’d be most satisfying. 😀

      Thank you for dropping by, Judi! 😀

      • I made my own pate years ago right after a trip to France where we enjoyed lots of pate. See my post on Julia Child where I posted a picture of the ducks they fatten up to make it! Just checked on-line and I can only buy it in a can unless I buy it fresh from a local source 🙂 Maybe you have inspired me to make it again…

  8. Really delicious Ann, this is one great dip. Thank you for bringing to the party.


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