September 8, 2016

Grubbs ‘n Critters Interview Featured on Just Blue Dutch!

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Credit: Just Blue Dutch

E x p a t  M a m a s   A r o u n d    t h e  W o r l d is  Christina’s – an Expat Mommy Blogger behind Just Blue Dutch –  new project collaboration alongsideall the amazing Expat Mama community she knows from around the world. It is Christina’s personal gallery of interview stories of the different Expat Mothers, whom in her words:

could be the normal  stereotype Mama you see in the grocery shop, in the park, commuting from work, always rushing & working their ass off  in the office, while they  turned into Super Moms in the kitchen whipping up dinners to feed their children while doing the laundry and still having time for herself.Eventually finding themselves strong, driven and passionate home maker, and as a woman of with substance.

Being an Expat Mama herself  (An Asian by birth that lived temporarily in the Middle East and now settled  in Germany ), this new section featured in her blog is something really special for her and I am extremely honoured to not only be a part of her project but also being the first Expat Mama to be featured in her amazing expat mama blog.

Her questions cover from the quintessential background checks to living life in a foreign land (in my case, the Netherlands), being pregnant while being away from home and family as well as my thoughts on raising Third Culture Kids (TCK).

Pop over to Just Blue Dutch to read my take as an Expat-Mama in The Netherlands based on the questions in which Christina has posed. 

But wait! Before you click away:  If you are an Expat Mama and you want your special Expat story to be featured in Just Blue Dutch blog, please drop Christina an email @ , Expat Papas are welcome too! Send few photos of you and your Expat motherhood/fatherhood moments or a link to your Instagram feed if you have.  And if you are an  Expat Lifestyle Blogger, do connect  along  as she would love to hear your stories! 

You see, I was not going to post anything today but the exposé by Christina has given me an excuse to link this up to Stomper Dad’s Taboo Challenge  by not using the word  “WITH” today.  Join in the fun as well and add your link to take part in the challenge



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  1. Gen

    Well done for being featured on such a cool blog, Ann! I loved your in-depth answers. As I said on JustblueDutch, you are most definitely an innovator! You integrate different ingredients from various cultures into your cooking, and your recipes are always original and inspire me to use ingredients I would never have thought of! I loved this interview, and I really enjoyed seeing so many pictures of you and your family. Have a lovely weekend, oh and thank you so much for mentioning our MMM, you are so dear and thoughtful. I feel honoured to go on this food journey with you every month 🙂

    • Awwww..thank you dear Gen! The word still cracks me up, but I’m so very honoured and that brought a smile to my face. Most of all, I’m so glad that it inspires other people to try too. And I think our MMM is great going and it’s a project that makes me so proud of us! I can;t thank you enough for being on this journey still! xoxox.

  2. Well done ! even out there in your “hole” you are a star! I loved reading the interview, so many good memories there .. Take care super Baker, cant wait to tasted your new fusion delicatessen XXX

    • Some really good memories there indeed! When will you ever come by to this little hole? 🙂


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