September 21, 2016

Look Closer

There is now precisely one hour. One hour before the clock strikes 12. Then I’m turning into the pumpkin-like thingie. I might even lose one of my bejewelled slippers. 

Where do I go with this?

Seriously? Nothing. Niks. 

I’ve only thought of pumpkin…loss slippers…puffy gown… only since it is going to be midnight soon.  I’m  just in one of those moods; too much going-ons…plenty of things to think of…much to do…plus over-exposure to lots of princessy stuff.  But for sure in the next one hour, I’d like to be going to bed. Very much like to be IN bed. Sleeping.

Except, bedtime before midnight didn’t quite set in yet. Nothing new there…but the grounds for not sleeping before 10 p.m lies with Gilmore Girls. Now you know. Ooops!

Plus, there’s this Eric’s word thingie I choose to do. It keeps my mind polished.  I know, I know…excuses. Excuse me. 

This post would seem incoherent, but not entirely purposeless. You’ll get why. Just not this second.

It’s evidently the end of summer here. Getting colder now. Getting up in the morning is supremely difficult yet sleeping in is no longer the option. With or without school, the little critters ensure we don’t get sleep ins.  Grrrrrr!

But sending/picking up the kids from school is not something I mind doing. Even in the morning rush (not often!), I do enjoy the strolls since the scenery out there forces me to slow down, stop then hold me in pure wonderment of the sights to be cherished. Just the other time, we counted 25 spider webs, if not more from bushes of just one meter in length. 

Recently, even the sloot (or ditch in English) looked different:

The sight we see!


Don’t be fooled with the stretch you see in the middle; it is not just bedding of fields but weightless greens on the wet ditch – klein kroos in Dutch or duckweeds. It is one essential food resource eminently for ducks. Fish too! 

They sort of showed up overnight. Truly one wonderful sight for sore eyes, methinks. Just don’t be plungin’ in!

So, here’s the thing: Not only did I spout 426-word count of nonsense, this post if you noticed, is written not just without using the “article a” , this entire post does not even use  “a” in every single word too! Don’t believe me? Do Ctrl+F!

Right. Need to run. I’m scheduled for 2 web meetings with one commencing in 2.5 hours from now. 3.30 in the morning my time! Bummer. There goes one more decent sleep! Why do I think I would unwittingly miss the session? (Still no “a” in there! heh!)

Oh! Look! I just noticed one drop-out from my follow while I did my preview prior to publishing, too. Tsk..tsk…Oh well! πŸ™

Today’s word was β€œa”. To read more posts without the Taboo Word (a), mosey over to Stomper Dad’s Taboo Challenge . even better, don;t just read. Join in the fun as well and add your link to take part in the challenge



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  1. You’re not a pumpkin, yet, are you? I’m seriously impressed that you wrote an entire post, over 400 words, without using the letter a. I’ve seen a challenge where this exact thing is done. Each day there would be taboo letter and you were challenged to write your post that day without that letter.

    • I guess I managed to break the pumpkin curse! The without “a” reminded me of the post you did without the “e” which I attempted later, so I thought I’d give it a shot with your challenge. It was great fun! To be writing every day though would be a wee bit too much for me to attempt at this point in time.

      • Imagine combining the two challenges! That would take some serious perseverance! You did awesome “without a”. Especially for the length of post you wrote! πŸ˜€

        • I’m blaming that on you for inciting the challenge, Eric! :p I have to thank you for that and really! it was fun even though it had appeared daunting at first. Not to mention satisfying after pushing the boundary. My only gripe was that it took me longer to write…I’m a sucker for

  2. WOW! An expat mama, an expert in challenges! Good job….no wonder you can’t sleep, lol.


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