August 21, 2016

Sunday Humour: The Facebook Feed

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These images came from my Facebook feed:


Source: Facebook Feed
Source: Facebook Feed


What’s with the second image you asked? Apparently, the girl was standing in line. Behind display statues! Wonder how long she stood there before she realised…

The first image is just bizarre!

May there be better days for these people. And you!

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  1. That second photo was sooo funny! totally crack us up! Maybe if my daughter see that she might pull the shorts of the mannequin :))

    • hehehehhe1 madness right?! I hope your daughter will not be pulling shorts from the real people who would stand behind the mannequins! That’s be hilarious! LOL

  2. HAHHA I wonder how long she stood there before she realized the line wasn’t moving?

  3. Haha! It twigged eventually.

  4. That girl in the second pic: Could have totally been me last Monday. I was so exhausted that my brain was not working properly… I could have done that…

    • Hehehhehhehe! I can so see it happening! But you were exhausted and it’s a valid excuse. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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