June 5, 2016

Sunday Humour: The One with Nuts

Category: Entertainment

This was seen in a very upmarket, VIP-only movie theatre lounge in Bangkok where all the food in the luxuriously decorated lounge were labelled accordingly and can be consumed for free:


Grubbs ‘n Critters © March 2016


I’ll be damned. Who would have thought that cashews would contain nuts, right! That’s pretty nutso.

Yep. Roll your eyeballs, my friends. Roll ’em real good. Here’s to a nutty week ahead and don’t you touch those cashews and go nutty on me. 

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  1. That’s just plain nuts! Thanks captain obvious for telling us that peanuts and cashews contain nuts. Too funny!

    • Silver Bullet was just telling me that he was being reminded of a sign with “contains egg” at an egg station! LOL. In Thailand, of course. :p More captain obvious moments there!

  2. Okay, this would made me giggle! Hello captain obvious 😉


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