May 15, 2016

Sunday Humour: Wonderful Definitions

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If you think about it, these definitions are so annoyingly true:

Credit: Google Image

But I violently disagree with the definition of the father there –  a mother can be a banker too, no? And more than just a banker by nature, too. Hmmph.

No, wait! In a few days, I would no longer be the co-banker. I guess I’ll leave it to nature to sort out the banker shit. 

See you on Sunday Humour next week in a different time zone, a different continent and a different definition of life. Here’s to a more wonderful revelations of the future! Sit tight. 

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  1. My wife does 99% of our banking here! Good luck with the move! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes smoothly 🙂

    • Yayyy to the wife! Money management can be such a headache and I don’t like doing it, but I can’t stand not knowing where the money goes either. I’m trying to catch up with blogging and reading on your posts too – so much to write about and it has been some crazy few weeks! Stay tuned! Glad you are still here!

  2. LOL! Couldn’t have defined them better myself.


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