May 7, 2016

Monthly Mystery Munchies #13 with Gen

Wow wow wow wow wow! Check this out for Gen’s creative inspiration for May’s Monthly Mystery Munchies:

Photo Credit: Eat, Play, Clove


Not only that looks like a fine meat for steak, the meat is also being generously caramelised with cranberry and pomegranate sauce. How coolios fancy is that right?! 

It’s  the main course using fruit and you can have your meat while having a dessert too. All done in 10-15 minutes too. How brilliant!

Here is Gen’s story as to how she came to do this:

What inspired this theme was that I found figs at my local supermarket. Fabulous, thought me, let’s try something with this. So I did, and I decided to adjust it, so I bought more figs, and yay, we have a winner. Round three: this time I needed to take pics. No frikken figs. Like, anywhere. Whyyyy? I swiftly changed tactics after finding pomegranate pips, which, by the way, I stockpiled to avoid a repeat. I haven’t done steak for a while, and I fancied the idea of making a caramelised sauce with a piece of red meat. I mean, a sticky and sweet reduction on Porterhouse steak? Yes, people, YES!

And oh yes! Why not I’d say. All inspired from figs. And figs are grrreeeat fruits. Gen has just opened up my eyes wider with this month’s challenge and my brains are now just bursting with endless possibilities of fruity mains.

You’d be too if you hop on over to her Steak with Caramelised Cranberry and Pomegranate Sauce recipe. Don’t forget to leave her some lovin’ while you are at it.  And Pinterest it. Make sure you pin. 

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  1. This looks appetizingly (I think I made that word up) beautiful.

    • I believe there is such a word, Barb and if you add another descriptor to it, it would actually sound right! 😀

  2. Gen

    “Coolios fancy” – I’m laughing so hard! Thank you, Ann, for your kind words! “Figs” wasn’t the only four letter word I used when I couldn’t find them! Looking forward to your recipe about fruity-looking food that isn’t fruit. Have a great week! Xoxo

    • Hehehhehee! Figs are awesome. I snack on them just like that and those little seeds in there, I love that crunchiness. It’s like eating a bunch of ants (yes, I have accidentally ate them before!) LOL


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