May 9, 2016

The Brown Boxes are Waiting

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The packing has begun. 6 more working days.  Less than 10 sleeps left before the great big move. Eeeeeks.  That’s not a lot of time!

With all the things that need to get sorted and done while having the unprecedented privilege of having to experience some upheavals when Silver Bullet’s company decided to play punk with our flights, it has been a rather high-strung week filled with curveballs of the century.

I should be stressed with the initial cold-hearted news: Not only were we given the only option of being booked on the shittiest flight available that includes a transit because they are cheap but we also would have to pay the (huge) difference for a better (direct) flight and our cats at our own expense even though rightfully, Silver Bullet would have been entitled to a ticket back home for the family. Cats are family too, right?! (Apparently, they don’t think so!)

But I wasn’t stressed about that as I was mentally prepared for the fact that our moving expenses to the Netherlands would not be covered at all given that we were the ones who initiated the move when Silver Bullet got a job. In that respect, I resigned myself to the high possibility that we’d have no other choice but dip into our savings and be poor for the next 1 year and beyond if I cannot find a permanent job soon enough.

I guess I should be stressed about that, but the fact is, I have been pretty blaisΓ©.

What I’m more stressed out about, believe it or not, is all the sorting and packing we’d have to do! Urrrghhhh! I hate packing. It is one of my most hated things and here I am, each time I get home from work, I’m looking around the house and feeling so darn overwhelmed because we barely even scratched the surface to sort things out.

And when I unconsciously start to scan everything that is around us, I’m sucked in by the fact that we need to move light and so, trying to sell off or give away our stuff as much as we can have been our priority.

Just thinking through that takes quite a bit of effort; never mind doing it.

Couple that with my wanting to blog and read other blogs as well while realising the opportunity costs of not being able to spend some time to blog because of the packing we have to do does not bode well with me. At. All. I mean, while I do have some posts scheduled, I resent the fact that I am not able to write a brand new post to be scheduled in advanced especially since I have a few posts in mind. Bummer!

Packing…Blogging…Packing..Blogging…Sleep? Hmmm… Naturally, I would rather be blogging but at this point in time, I guess that would have to take a backseat for a little while. Sleep and packing (reluctantly!) would have to come first.

That means I honestly have been struggling to try to keep up reading all the blogs and tweets I’m following; missing some good reads from my favourite bloggers and tweeples. You know who you are;  I’ll be back to scour your blogs soon enough!

Looks like the boxes are waiting.  We really don’t have much time. It’s starting to feel real now! Eeeeeeeeekssss.


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  1. You get that packing done. We’ll be still be here when you’re done. I know how stressful it can be. We moved 1300 miles and that was bad enough. I cant imagine the move you’re making. It’s a big deal. But telling you not to stress would be like telling my kids to be quiet. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

    • Thank you, Eric! The kids were never quiet during these times, too! Talk about stress! The dust is almost settling…one can hope!

  2. Can’t go around that one, I’m afraid. I know the feeling of wanting to blog but having time. It is very stressful. But then I made the decision to take a break and my stress was gone. Easy as that. You need to prioritize and, like Eric said above, we’ll be all here waiting for you. Best of luck!!!

    • Thank you, Jas! Prioritising was the only thing I did in the last few weeks and blogging has taken a back-seat for a while (which I’m really bummed)> Hope to be able to get back into the rhythm soon and replying to long-overdue comments is a start. Heh! Thank you for still being here! x.

  3. What an adventure!

    • It has been an adventure, indeed! I’m trying to catch up on blogging! πŸ˜€ Hope you have been well. x.

  4. Moving is always a task that seems steeper than every mountain out there… especially an oversea move… I guess you’ve done it by now. Hope you have arrived safe and sound at the other end and that you will soon be able to enjoy the unpacking… Can’t wait to read more about your adventure of being in Holland.

    • And what a big (Stressful) task that was! We have done it and it has been a crazy ride. The dust is (almost!) settling in and I can’t wait to catch up on your posts, Sandra! πŸ™‚ I’e been dreading the unpacking..urggh!


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