March 9, 2016

Quote Challenge Day 2: Kick Ass!

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In response to Out Loud Karen Quote Challenge

quote wake up
Original Image Credit: Ross Clarkson


And shower. Don’t forget to shower. You don’t want to go around all musty and smelly. Then go kick some asses. Spud can show you a cool move or two. Or ten.

No, don’t mess with her. Or her brother. Or her mother. 

Thank you, Karen, for the challenge! I wish I can credit the one who came up with this quote, but I am not able to find the source. Anyhoooo in challenge rules and nominees:


Thank the person who nominated you
Post 3 quotes in 3 days
For each post nominate 3 other bloggers for the challenge

And here are my nominees:

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  1. What an awesome quote.

  2. Thanks for the nomination, Ann! I’m assuming that’s spud in the picture? That’s an awesome kick if it is! You’re right, I won’t mess with her if she can kick me the head even though she’s a foot or more shorter than me.

    • That is she, indeed. I’m amazed at how high her kicks are, too. I would think it packs a punch and she’s been warned not to try it out on us or her brother. LOL.


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