March 5, 2016

Monthly Mystery Munchies #11 with Gen

For the love of prawns! 

Not only have we both chosen prawns for our shellfish theme this month, both Gen and I also have some backstory on a different type of shellfish before the prawny affair – me with my lobster allergies and Gen with her crab encounter. Here’s what she has to say about coming face to face with crabs:

Ironically, crabs freak the crap out of me! I mean, do not show me a crab. I’ll do an embarrassing girl-run into the next zip code. Yes, it really is that bad. I thought finding crab meat, actualmeat, not ‘crab-flavoured’ fish sticks, would be easy. After all, I live in Cape Town, and we have a huge selection of fresh seafood. I phoned around and found two places who swore to me that I would be purchasing meat, not crabs. Off I went, happy that I would not have to put my running shoes on, and, at both places, I was handed freaking crabs, people! Eeeeeeeeeeeek! The Husband laughed as I waved my hands in the air, shouting “I can’t! I really can’t!” whilst trying not to hyperventilate. Yeah, the dudes behind the counter laughed too.

Oh, Gen! She made me laugh so hard! And then she went on about prawns having freaky eyes. And I laughed even more! But I can see where she was coming from. Crabs that are still alive with their eyes and huge ass pincers do not look very inviting and I’m with her with the prawns’ eyes, too. My only consolation is that they both do make good food. Just have a look at this Prawn Soup Gen made:

Credit: Eat, Play, Clove


Tell me THAT does not whet your appetite? The picture looks so good that when I opened my browser to see what Gen had come up with, I was instantly glued to the screen, STARING at her orange soup and the succulent-looking prawns for some good minutes. And because she mentioned that she made it with a Thai-ish theme,  I swear I can almost taste that Tom Yum Soup in my mouth!

It makes me want to eat some Tom Yam soup now. Really, no kidding! I think that is probably one of the best looking and best-photographed soup I have ever seen this month. Just on that alone, Gen did well for this month’s challenge.

Hop over Eat, Play, Clove for Gen’s Thai-ish version of Prawn Soup recipe. While you are there, do check out her other mouth-watering dishes too. And make sure you leave her some bloggily love!

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  1. That pic sure got my saliva glands going. *now hungry*


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