March 15, 2016


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This song by George Michael has been playing in my head for several days now. You know how sometimes a song would just lift you up for no reason? This one does that to me.

While I am more of a lyrics’ person and I don’t particularly feel the affinity to the entire lyrics of this song, this song caught me because of it’s the catchy tune.  Faith sounds so happy and it’s pretty darn contagious! 

Just ignore the jeans and George’s butt in the video. The tune of the chorus and lyrics go well together and resonates with my current pensive mood. It’s making me feel bouncy.

That can only be a good thing. Enjoy if you have the patience to click and view the video. 


Well I guess it would be nice

If I could touch your body

I know not everybody

Has got a body like you


But I’ve got to think twice

Before I give my heart away

And I know all the games you play

Because I play them too


Oh but I

Need some time off from that emotion

Time to pick my heart up off the floor

And when that love comes down

Without devotion

Well it takes a strong man baby

But I’m showing you the door


‘Cause I gotta have faith….



I know you’re asking me to stay

Say please, please, please, don’t go away

You say I’m giving you the blues


You mean every word you say

Can’t help but think of yesterday

And another who tied me down to loverboy rules


Before this river

Becomes an ocean

Before you throw my heart back on the floor

Oh baby I reconsider

My foolish notion

Well I need someone to hold me

But I’ll wait for something more


Yes I’ve got to have faith….

Source: AZ Lyrics

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  1. My brain now has “You gotta have faith-uh faith-uh faith” on repeat. Great song… but not on repeat! πŸ˜€

    • Hehehheheheee! I achieved the effect I was hoping it’d bring. I needed an outlet to get it out of my head. :p That will stick n your head for a while more…as it did mine. LOL.

  2. Good song. No wonder you have the LSS. πŸ™‚

    • It is, Lux! πŸ˜€ But if it keeps playing in your head for weeks on end…
      You have to tell me what’s LSS though. Not too familiar with that term.


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