February 15, 2016

Of Ditzy Days and Doof Moments

Have you had days or moments when you run on auto-pilot and when you realise what you were doing, you are:

a. doing it all completely wrong

b. being a doof head

c. a complete idiot

d. All of the above

Of course, you have! And you have because no one is perfect. Also, I refuse to believe that I am the only moron in the world who has done the following without putting the brain into gear for several days (or moments) in a row…

Like the one time when I had squeezed my toothpaste onto my toothbrush and upon brushing my teeth, I thought that it doesn’t taste as minty as it usually would be. Still I continued and nothing clicked. Half-way through the motion, I then realised the problem: I had used my facial cleanser instead.

Like the one time when I shampooed my hair and wondering why there was no lather or bubbles at.all. Still I continued adding the shampoo and after my shower, realised that I had used body lotion instead. Smart.

Like the other day when I went to the office without my wallet. The first time it had happened in years!

And on the same day that I did not have my wallet, we went to a drive-through as I wanted to get breakfast. It was only upon payment that I realised I did not have my wallet with me and Silver Bullet had to pick up the tab. As soon as he paid, neither of us paid attention. Silver Bullet drove off past the pick-up window and I had not even noticed. I only realised we forgot to pick up my breakfast 15 minutes later.

Like just a few days ago when I did not even noticed that I was wearing my beach sandals to go to the office on the way to the car. I only realised my folly when I went back home to retrieve my mobile phone which I had forgotten to take with me.

Like the other day when I had turned on the oven to heat up my breakfast to bring to the office and then completely forgot about it. Luckily for me, my nanny chased after me and brought it down for me before we drove off.

Like the time when I walked into a 7-11 with a purpose, but for the life of me could not figure out what I wanted to get when I got there. I promptly left, cussing at myself.

Like the time I was looking all over for my glasses and only realised that I had it on my head all along! Duh.

That pretty much summed up my recent follies as I went about on auto-pilot.  It was a week of DUH! Like my daughter would have quipped, “Mama, I think your brain is not working very well!”

And you know what, I think she is right about that. I have been more than just a little ditzy. I suck! Still, they make for good stories. And sometimes, that’s just how I gotta roll! After all, you have gotta be able to laugh at yourself, no?

What about you? Got some ditzy and “brain-not-working-well” stories to share? Leave your comments of your ditzy days so I don’t feel all alone!



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  1. Amalina


  2. Stu

    Other than common things like forgetting to change from slippers into shoes I haven’t thought of anymore but I know I have plenty of such moments! Here’s my commented, reposting from yesterday’s note to you: Lol, reminds me of making a flask of tea and forgetting it’s not just boiling water added coffee to it – or riding my bike to a nearby friend’s house and walking home by mistake! Often cooking in appliances that are timed, switch itself off and have to reheat a nearly cold meal – better than leaving it to burn I suppose 🙂 Have a good week Ann, hope your auto-pilot is behaving better – it’s probably exhaustion, you always seem so busy!

    • Thanks for your patience and re-posting, Stu! I can see how putting coffee into tea is annoying, but it’s funny! You must have a lot of things on your mind to forget that you took a bike and walked instead! LOL. Oh yes, I blame it on exhaustion…I don’t like being too busy as it takes away my blogging time and a later response to all comments!!

  3. Veronica

    You are not alone! 🙂 plenty of doof-ing times too but will share one i rem still with a cringe despite years back.. Wore a t-shirt inside out and went to a shopping mall alone.. Shrugged off stares of people for reason the live of me couldn’t recall (I usually pay attention, in fact sometimes too much if people look at me; is my fly open? Are there stains on my face…) .. lo and behold, only when im in elevator at my block then I realised my reflection was kinda weird.. Looked down and aghast.. Pictures on reflection was weird cos i wore my tee inside out.. Arrgghh..

    • Ron…?? Hey..hey!! 😀 Knowing how you’d always be the preening queen, I’m sure you’d be aghast.It’s still funny. Actually, I wonder why people don’t tell you that you are wearing your tee inside-out rather than stare at you. Staring is rude, know. Thanks for dropping a comment! x.

  4. I had been in Tampa for a week of Veterans Wheelchair Games. The last evening, we had the Closing Ceremonies Banquet. I wore a nice purple top, and a flowing, multi-colored, long skirt. It wasn’t until after I got home and was going to hang it up, when I realized that I had worn it to the banquet . . . inside out! (How did that happen?) Perhaps a ditzy moment when I was dressing?

    • Hahahaaaaa! And no one told you that were wearing your nice dress inside out? *palm face* How long was the event? You’d be surprised as t how many people have done that before, completely oblivious to the fact they have worn their clothes inside out. Hee..hee.. I have done it myself several times, but mostly with Tees and the seams are usually not so obvious. Did you take any pictures with your inside out dress? 😀

  5. This post is brilliant! I was nodding along and thinking yep, yep, yep., me, me, me..oh dear, that could be me next time!!! I have gone into my shower, still clothed…LOL… I have forgotten to drink my tea after making it and then thinking “did I make a cup of tea?” this morning…or was that yesterday morning???

    • Thank you, Agent Spitback! See, I knew I won’t be the only one with these ditzy days! Heee…hehee. Going into your shower still clothed is hilarious! That has not made it to my list yest – I wonder what it takes!! LOL.

  6. trina

    I went to the shops to get some onions, forgot to go into the shops

    • Eeeks! I missed your comment…sorry about that, Trina!
      Did you get your onions in a different shop? ;p


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