December 5, 2015

Monthly Mystery Munchies #8 with Gen

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Whoever says that rice is boring? This week, Gen and I showcased 2 other ways to prove that rice can be just as versatile and no where near boring. While I made my version of Aromatic Spiced Saffron Rice, Gen made a delish-looking Chicken Pilaf dish.

Credit: Eat, Play, Clove

Both of us used saffron and Basmati, – these 2 ingredients maketh a good pilaf recipe, and she added a few more ingredients to make it more interesting. She even sold her kidneys for those saffron because it’s ludicrously expensive. Of course, I’m exaggerating, but really,  the prices of saffron can be quite ridiculous. Quoting Gen:

The reason saffron is so expensive is because it takes 225,000 stigmas (seriously?!) to make just one kilo, and it’s an intensive labour process.The cashews add a sweetness to the dish, and the coriander adds a fragrant freshness., 

So now you know!. Gen added chicken pieces, a bit of spices and throw over 50g of cashews for a nice meal of Chicken Pilaf! You know what’s so fabulous about Gen’s dish? She cooked rice in a pot under an open fire which is far more tedious while I used a rice-cooker. That, in my books, just garnered her a thousand points extra for this challenge. I haven’t cooked rice like that in a long time, and if I ever attempted that, I think I would burnt my rice pretty badly!

If you haven’t check out her recipe yet, go pop over to her  Chicken Pilaf recipe here for some inspi-rice-tions!

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