Monthly Archive:: November 2015

Stop Crying Your Heart Out

We all know that the Gallanger brothers both are infamous for their reputation. I used to be a fan of their music; I still am, in a way – although I did change my mind about them

Sunday Humour: Holding Farts

Are you one who usually would hold your farts? There’s a reason one shouldn’t:   And that’s why! On the other hand, if it travels through the brain, one can choose not to act on the shitty

Fabulous Friday Flavours: Scrumptious Pulled Beef

People have told me that sometimes, cola is used with meat dishes to tenderise the meat particularly for beef brisket. And I thought I was the crazy one who thought of using Sprite, 7-Up or Cola when

That thing called M-A-T-E-R

There are more than a dozen of toy cars at home.  Different kinds and varieties. They vary from trucks to die-cast super cars, to cement mixers and what nots. Yet if the kids choose to fight over

The Heart of the Matter

My daughter wants to be a heart doctor because she wants to fix broken hearts. Only because, many moons ago, I mentioned in jest that yes, my heart has been broken before and it broke into a