July 30, 2014

Black Ankle Strap Shoes

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The open black ankle strap shoes has recently made its way to my mostly-wedged shoe collection – albeit by accident.

You see, one of the worst and most inconvenient thing to happen to you was when you realised that:

  • you are overseas
  • you knew full-well in advance that you would be attending a wedding and therefore would need some proper shoes to go with a dress
  • you packed a pair of shoes you thought was OK although  you had half-acknowledged that the  pair was actually useless but, you try to make do with it anyways
  • and 2 days before the wedding you realised that you would need a whole brand new pair of dress shoes altogether because the shoes you brought with you were all utterly useless!

That was my predicament with shoes when we were back in Holland 2 months ago.

A day prior to the wedding, we went from town to town to look for one simple black pair of shoes which I like. After 3 hours of going from shop to shop in 3 different towns (I haven’t discovered Harlem yet!), I finally found one from Schuz by Schmit which I could live with.

The first time I wore it for the wedding though, little did I know that we had to take group pictures with the bride and groom while standing on a soft, really muddy patch of grass! Not a very pleasant experience for a brand new pair of swanky shoes and I have to say that getting grass and mud out of the velvety suede leather was not a clean-up I was looking forward to!

It is not the kind of shoes I would want to wear everyday  and it looks much too delicate for a regular  work day.  It is, however, one of the more elegant pair I have ever owned and suitable to be worn with a dress for a formal or special occasions. It does look a little intimidating, but its velvety, leathery touch add some classiness to it. The inches on the heels may scream lots of pain, but I am genuinely surprise at how comfortable it is.

This pair certainly does not come cheap in my books, but the price I paid does make up for its quality.  It is also  easily one of the most comfortable pair of heels I have ever owned with a rating of 8 for sassiness.



Cost:  About 100 Euros

From: Schuz by Schmit, Hoorn (Netherlands)

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