January 2, 2014

Our turkey tradition

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It was hard.

It was really, really hard not to.

It was harder to convince myself NOT to succumb to any cooking after seeing those Butterballs going on price-offs at the supermarket which eventually led me to just want to make a nice, succulent roasted turkey for the family. I really did not want to, but I just could not help myself.

It was, after all New Year’s day and it all began when I discovered a few years ago that turkeys were usually priced cheaper towards the end of the year; perhaps as a way of clearing frozen turkeys that were stocked up for Thanksgiving. It then led to an unplanned  cooking experiment  in preparation for a new year cook out which we were to host. My first attempt was a resounding success; not too bad at all if I may say so as I have never worked with a whole turkey before!

Since then,  making a roasted turkey has somewhat become an accidental tradition for our family on New Year’s Day.

I loved how my turkey turned out this year. It was nicely brown, super moist and  fabulously succulent. The turkey must have tasted pretty darn good because by the end of the brunch session that was hosted by one of my Mommy friends on new year’s day, not very much meat were left! I am very heartened to see that people were enjoying the turkey I made, and it makes it a little bit more special to see that little tots too were enjoying the meat. Click here for my Spiced Roast Turkey Recipe. I promise nothing but absolute goodness.

Accompanied by Silver Bullet’s home-made Speculaas and Ollie-bollen,  new year does not feel like new year without a hearty feast to feed the stomach on such a stupendous day – meltdowns et all.

After all, we all deserve a little bit of a special treat on a new year’s day and so, mote it shall be!


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