December 19, 2013

School Recital 2nd Year Running

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As parents to a 3-year old who has to perform a song and dance at her school’s annual Christmas recital for the second year running, I guess we just have to shrug off the feeling that we have been ripped-off again by having to pay for attending the performance. This year, the admission prices had been increased by 100 Baht and the entire thing, including the cost of her costume totaled to about 1600 baht (thereabouts).

At least the chairs were much more comfortable this time round as compared to the plastic chairs we had last year.

Ranting aside, I have come to appreciate the efforts put forth by the teachers as well as the performances by the kids alike. It was also much more fun this year to watch the Nursery kidsย  (which was the stage Spud was last year) trying to figure out what they were actually doing on stage! This year, the teacher in charge of Nursery kids has the foresight to include teddy bears during their recital – which had resulted in the kids fighting over their teddies on stage and instantly became a really hilarious sight for parents to witness!

Spud and friends had a much more coherent and collaborated performance as we can see the stark improvement in their understanding and coordination of actions to the song they sung. They were all dressed up as a Christmas Tree, and for weeks, we heard Spud singing her recital of “I’m the happiest Christmas tree”ย  over and over and over at home; so much so that even we were able to memorise the lyrics and tune of the song which otherwise we don’t know about.

I noticed that the moment Spud got on stage, she started scouring the crowd and as soon as she spotted us, she gave us a big, wide smile and was very happy to see us around. It was a short 1.5 minutes rendition and because I got busy taking a video of it, I only took one lousy picture during Spud’s performance. Bummer! There was no Santa Claus this year and we somehow missed the gift-giving ceremony because we got confused with the agenda.

What a performance! I am still amazed as to how brave these little kids are to be performing on stage, and for us, it was really quite a fun experience. Did I mention about one of the teachers who was dressed up as a present? He really was the biggest comedian of all!


It was a fun Friday morning, and with Christmas recital happening just last week, it also means that school’s out for this term. Darn it.

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