December 5, 2013

Being diaper-free at night

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Sometime at the end of September this year, Spud, at 3 years 2 months old went completely diaper-free at night.

It wasn’t something we have been pushing for, or even trained her for as, being the lazy parents that we are, we were kind of prepared to let her use her night diaper till she was six years old. Or even up to 10 years old for all I care.

At least, we didn’t really think that she would be ready anytime soon and not before she is at least 4 years old.

But, apparently, cool things like this do happen! And it happened when we both were least stressed about it. So, how did we know that Spud was ready to go diaper-less at night? Here were some of the cues she exhibited over a period of time

  • Her diaper was completely bone dry for several mornings in a row.
  • She peed only when she was about to get into the shower (she still does this)
  • On several occasions, she would wake us up early in the morning doing her pee-dance and telling us she needed to pee. (there were times that because we were lazy, we told her to pee in her diaper. She would not protest if we tell her to go back to bed and wait or the light to go off)
  • She got upset when we told her to pee in her diaper
  • When we asked her if she wanted her diaper on for the night one evening, she said a very firm No.

So after several week of contemplating if we should stop diapering her at night and waste the diapers, we both bit the bullet and went ahead with it. The first night was a success, and within days, we pretty much said goodbye to Spud wearing a diaper. Of course there have been the occasional accidents and she woke up at night in a screaming fit because she was smelly, cold and wet. However, that had not happen too often and we all were very encouraged by it.

We usually wake her up to pee before we turn in for the night (about 10 pm or so) and she still mostly wakes up dry in the morning. To ensure that the mattress (which belonged to the apartment) is protected, we scouted for a waterproof mattress protector –a definite life saver!

We haven’t looked back since.  Another life’s ladder has been trodden.

Stair to the sky
Image from Googe Images

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