December 2, 2013 The official guide for parents in BKK

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From an interactive Facebook Page Community to an official website, is really the only online resource I know for English-speaking parents living in Bangkok  that not only cover a thorough, very updated listing of happenings in and around the city, but one that connects young parents to share their knowledge, personal experiences and gather advice LIVE through its Facebook Page daily updates and discussions.

In my not-so-many-years of being a parent in Bangkok, unless one is really connected to several parent’s community, I find that there really hasn’t been a comprehensive one-stop-shop of such valuable resource. Hence, when I first came across on Facebook, I joined the community accordingly to satiate my hunger for information that are related to parents and kids.   I felt that  the birth of from someone who first started it out of hobby and probably realising that there has been such a big gap of valuable information on activities, parenting and the challenges surrounding it while living in Bangkok, has indeed been a welcome break. I especially love the “Questions from Community” where anyone can anonymously ask any questions and BKKKids would post it out for anyone in the community to answer.

Last weekend, I am honoured that published an article I had (re-)written based on my personal experience on Reflux when Squirt was barely 2 weeks old. It was my first article to be published on an official website ever (articles on newsletters and mailers done for corporate life not included), and I’m hoping I am able to do more of such contributions – time permitting.  If you care for a read, please hop on over to this link: Crying over spilt milk: A Reflux Story.

And, if you are a parent living in Bangkok, or a soon-to-be-parent in Bangkok, BKK Kids would really be a great resource for you.

Source:BKK Kids Facebook Page

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