December 6, 2013

Snake-skin Wedges

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When Charles & Keith first made its debut in Singapore years ago, I remember just feeling lukewarm about it, but thought that they do sell decent pairs of shoes at affordable prices. It was one of the shops I would go to if I need to get a pair of shoes for work, without putting a big hole in my pocket.

Years passed since, and eventually the brand made its way to Bangkok several years back. With a  premium pricing to boot!

A pricing which I find hard to justify in my head as to why I would be paying so much for a pair of Charles & Keith shoes when I could be paying for much less if I were to get it back home in Singapore. I have since stopped walking into any Charles & Keith shop in Bangkok.

But. (There’s always a but!)

Window displays do wonders, and had I not seen a pair of gorgeous (snake-skin) wedges being displayed right in front of the shop, I would have walked right past it while I was running my errand one day. Within 5 minutes, I contemplated on getting 2 of the same design but different colours – and settled for 1 instead, because I did not want to part with more than 3000 THB for 2 pair of wedges at one go.

Maybe I’ll get the black snake-skin wedges later (assuming they still have it then), but I love the grey snake-skin I got just the same.

While I still do think it was a little over-priced  for a pair of Charles & Keith, it was a lovely pair and one that is very comfortable to walk in too.  I have had this for a while now (at least 4 months) and so, this is a long overdue post – but my pair of wedges is still as good as new.


Cost:  1,780 baht (if I recall correctly)

Brand: Charles & Keith

From: Siam Discovery Centre

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