November 10, 2013

Matchbox 20

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When Silver Bullet discovered that Matchbox 20 was going to be in town on November 6 not too long ago, there was no doubt in my mind that we definitely were going to buy the tickets and see them live.

No opening band, no fancy set up or big-ass production. Just a wholesome performance by a great band who seemed to have genuinely enjoyed delivering their gig to a live audience; and it shone through. This had also been one of  the rare times where we managed to get a space right up to the front-most barricade before the stage – a treat to actually almost see Rob Thomas up-close and personally witnessed the psychotic-crazy look in his eye after listening to him on-and-off in the last 15 years or so.

Rob Thomas’s voice is amazing, and at 41 years old, he is still rocking away with a voice that never seemed to change with time. I have always loved his voice as well as his boyish charms that comes with it. Some of my favourite songs like Push, Bent, If You Are Gone and Unwell to name a few, always brings some sort of nostalgic memories from years back.

They may be considered as an “old” band, but there was quite a lot of energy in that gig. Their rhythm guitarist seemed like a little bit of a nut and was bouncing off the stage like a little gnome who might have swallowed a bunch of king-coil springs.Funny thing was, at the rate that he was jumping around like a maniac, he didn’t seem to break out a sweat. The lead guitarist was cool, and reminded me of Fido Dido.

It felt like a rather intimate concert with a decent-sized crowd. The gig lasted for a good 2 hours, and 2 days later, I could still hear the wringing in my ears.


That being said, one can never be too old to be rocking to a good, old band.

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