September 8, 2013

How I roll: A new chapter

September 4th, 2013 marked a new chapter in my professional life. It marked a new beginning to a rather unplanned, but imminent end from my previous job which would likely change the course of my life journey from here on. A clean slate once again, a new adventure and a flight path into the unknown.

It has been barely 3 days with my new job, and despite at least 5 years of absence, that sense of warm, genuine sincerity and attachment to some of the familiar people in the organisation felt very reassuring.  I still have that springs on my heels I felt months ago when this new job conversation started and more than ever, I feel like I fit right in. There’s no “treading” about and I really do feel like I am just picking up where I have left off. I am still not sure if that is actually a good thing, but most gratifying of all, it feels like I’m back “home” and it still feels oh-so-right.

I have got some work cut out for me. Already, there are issues to fix, team to set up, stakeholders to please and human dynamics to suss out; amongst other things. There are things to learn, and most importantly, a whole lot of things to unlearn. It really is not about how much you already know, rather, it is about what you don’t know, find out, adapt and go on from there.

With new swanky gadgets at my disposal, I certainly am ready to roll!

Yep. The dreaded Lotus Notes

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