August 14, 2013

Eid Mubarak 2013

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The last time we were back in Singapore to celebrate the festivities of Hari Raya with my family was 2 years ago when Spud was only 13 months old. We missed last year because Squirt was only a couple of months old (I didn’t feel like I was up for traveling with a newborn), and this year, all the four of us made it there and back – thankfully still sane and in one piece.

The trip wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be, and although Spud did throw one of her worst ever temper-tantrums every other day, we managed to get through the week without me completely losing my head. It was also a novelty for us to watch the kids amuse each other and laughing their guts off when they were put together in the same room at bedtime – something which neither we nor the kids have done before.  The first two nights were the roughest as both went on a crying spree at the same time refusing to sleep even though they were knackered. But as the days went by, hearing bucket loads laughter coming from behind closed door after we kissed them goodnight was pretty endearing. The kids eventually fell asleep after about an hour of mucking around (amazing how they can amuse each other, even though Squirt can barely talk!) and of course, not without us butting into the room every 5 minutes and finally threatening to take their bed-buddies away.

Despite a rather hectic schedule, we managed to do our rounds of mandatory visits to the relatives, caught up with a few precious long-time friends over for lunch at my parents’, had our Sambal Stingray at Newton and squeezed in a trip to the zoo.  Spud even managed to score herself a bonus trip to the Bird Park with her Nya-i when we had to do some errands on one of the days.

The silly thing I did was to forget to charge the battery of my digital camera before we left Bangkok and because I cannot be bothered to attempt taking pictures from my mobile, we don’t quite have that many pictures to share this time, save for these few!

Spud and Squirt with their Uncle at the zoo
Spud & Squirt flanking their cousin
Smiling Spud with 2 apprehensive little babies!
Squirt trying to engage his cousin in a conversation
A picture evidence for Spud that we passed the Rhino which she insisted on seeing.. She fell asleep as I wore her on my back.
Squirt falling asleep on his Nya-i on our way to the airport

The week had flew by so fast and because we were either chasing kids or running after schedule all the time, it felt like I was zooming in and out of a dream. Now that we are back in Bangkok, it felt kind of surreal that we have survived this trip given the circumstances.

This year, I missed a good friend whom I always look forward to see during our annual Hari Raya gathering. I had thought of her.  I remember how much she enjoyed my Mom’s cooking and Hari Raya goodies, and at the same time, it saddened me that I would never see her again in this life. My eyes welled up with tears when I stumbled upon her comments on a blog post I had published in 2011 while I was trying to recall what I had written for the last Hari Raya two years back. It is hard to believe that she was gone. I still feel the warmth in her voice, and while my eyes had involuntarily turned glassy as I read what she wrote, her cheerful and playful tone also made me smile. May the sun always shine bright on your soul, Vicky. I have missed you.

In the spirit of festivities while doing our part for the less fortunate and remembering the departed regardless of race or religion, here’s us wishing everyone a (fairly belated) Happy Eid Mubarak and wishing you a blessed Syawal.

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