May 26, 2013

When honesty doesn’t pay

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A recent article I stumbled upon not too long ago about an honest French couple who were arrested in Phuket made me really, really angry.

It was one of the most absurd and ridiculous thing to happen to a young couple, who, by virtue of circumstances given that it was their first trip to Thailand,  was arrested because they were honest enough to travel back to the airport to sort out everything because they did not want to get into trouble. The worst thing about it was: they were travelling with a 22-month old child.

And they got into trouble by being honest.

What I don’t understand was how they were treated throughout the ordeal. My ears were smoking with wrath when I got to this section of the article:

Like I said, it was the most ridiculous thing ever. Does anyone actually has any understanding or  empathy for the couple who not only have to deal with their young child but also had to face the ordeal of being held, imprisoned and charged through no fault of their own? 

I shook my head in sheer disbelieve when I read the article. I do not know what I would have done had we been in the same situation. It’s a scary thought.It occurred to me that humans in the highest level of hierarchy in this country have no sense of humanity in them. 

Moral of the story:
Be sure to first find the immigration counter and get your passport stamped before you exit the country! Never underestimate the stupidity ignorance of people in authority.

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