May 8, 2013

Holland 2013 – Day 9: Sprookjeswonderland

Category: Being Parents

Somewhere in Enkhuizen, there stood a Fairytale Land which housed all the various famous fairy-tales from Snow White to Hensel and Gratel to Thumbellina designed specifically for kids. Everything, was of course, in Dutch.

It was a place highly recommend by Oma & Opa who were ever –willing to bring us and the kids there. There were horse rides, and trains and statues aplenty, but Spud spent a lot of time at the playground.  Needless to say, that little bundle of energy had way too much fun! She had so much fun that she did not even bat an eye-lid when we left her with her Oma & Opa to get home first so we can put her little brother to sleep.
She came home all happy, smiley and bouncy about an hour later. I recalled that she then later joined her Oma for groceries, then to another playground near home and scored herself another Mint Ice-cream.
It’s awesome to be kids again! And every kids should know that. 
I have to say that this place is a treasure trove for kids – I can see how kids can just let their imaginations run wild and enjoy themselves thoroughly while at it.

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