May 9, 2013

Holland 2013 – Day 10: Spud’s long lost friend

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Call us brave or plain stupid,  but we both thought that it would be timely to attempt hauling the two kids all the way to Amsterdam by train to visit an old friend of ours who used to live in Bangkok. It was only a 50 minutes train ride, and come hell or high water, we thought that we’d have to do this trip with the kids not only to see them, and to also get Spud re-acquainted again with her long-lost pal, “Lawwie”.

Now, I am not sure if Spud and Lawwie both remember each other, but watching them play together and interacting was pretty amusing. Spud, being Spud, was her usual shameless self. She pretty much helped herself to the toys that were available (and so did Squirt!) while Lawwie got a little possessive of his treasures (and so he should be!), and apprehensive of her.

It took him some time to warm up to her, and when he did, they both were chasing each other around the house and laughing away like crazy. Of course, this happened when we were about to leave their place …

Seeing old friends is always, always something special,  and being able to watch the kids play together is very heart-warming .

It was a real challenge to take pictures of the both of them, but here are a couple of snapshots from that trip:

And here’s a post of them I wrote from last year.  Just look at how they have grown!

The trip to Amsterdam by train with two young kids was pretty cumbersome – it was not stress-free, but my take is that  as long as we don’t have to rush (a potential challenge given that Dutch train leaves on schedule!), the trip can be quite manageable.  

And in case you are wondering about that Hello Kitty top on Spud, NO. I.DID.NOT.GET.HER.THAT.TOP. It happened to be a loan from my mom-in-law’s friend, and Spud had spotted it, and selected that as her outfit of the day.

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