March 23, 2013

Superhero Day

When we received yet another letter from school to please allow Spud to come to school – this time, in a superhero costume for their Superhero theme activity, I had to scratch my head.

Firstly, superhero characters are mainly for boys. Secondly, a girl super heroine is either tacky or just too girly. Hell! I cannot even think of a girl superheroine without having Wonder Woman, Cat Woman or Power Puff Girls coming to mind! Big nay. Thirdly, I don’t even know any other Superheroes besides the usual Superman, Spiderman, Batman (Does Wolverine count??) and just where do I get such costume at such a short notice?

Sharing my sentiments with one of my colleagues, he offered his suggestion that I could make a costume for Spud. He suggested that I could use a small blanket as a cape (nice thought!), make her makeshift armour for her arms out of cardboard boxes and then do a simple logo to be pasted on her chest. He then added another sentence that had me burst out into laughter – make her wear her underwear on the outside.

I could deal with the makeshift arm armour and silly logo and all, but for the life of me, I cannot, cannot make my child go to school with her wearing her underwear on the outside.

Although I admit to entertaining the suggestion in my head for a little bit and thought that it was quite funny, I felt like it was quite a cruel thing to do. Not only would I be making my little girl wear her underwear on the outside if I ever choose to do it, but she would also have to wear that while walking to school! While the thought made me chuckle at the hilarity of it all, the image had me shaking my head at the same time.

Bless my colleague – the idea was quite original, but the thought of letting my daughter wear her undies on the outside in the name of being a superhero is just not done.  I don’t think I could bring myself to subject my little child to such an embarrassment at such a young age. 

I opted to hunt for a superhero T-shirt at one of the make shift tent- market near my office and found this…

This Spiderman outfit came with a web-looking thing that looks like a pair of wings. It only cost me 50 baht – and she does not have to wear her underwear outside of her pants.

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