March 18, 2013

Conversation with a prude

People can be such a prude sometimes. 

Below was a conversation I had in a meeting with a certain expat colleague after I contacted him for research information based on his field of expertise.And, after pouring through tons of documents, with him blabbering to me a research that was in Swedish, he practically shirked his responsibility and blew me off:

It went like this:

Me: Great! Can you please put all of these things together into a presentation deck. (No question mark here as it was a statement posed as a question)

Expat colleague (very curtly) : NOPE.

Me (raising an eye-brow, and clearly very unimpressed at the unexpected reply): And why NOT.

Expat colleague: Because I’m busy

Me (sarcastically): RIGHT.

And then he rattled off that he is currently looking for someone for his team to specifically handle “such request”, and that for now I’ll have to do make do (myself ) with what he has given me because he has yet to hire anyone. I had to bite my tongue from commenting in retaliation with , “Screw you. What do you think I do all day – twiddling my thumb while assholes like you get busy to make yourself look so important while dodging work?!” 

If not for my professionalism (ahem!) and me mentally telling myself not to fly off the handle, I would have bitch-slap him, pick him up like I would pick a roach and throw him off the 24th floor.

There certainly was no argument in my mind that it was clearly his job  – it is his area of expertise.  Yet being the atypical total expat prick that he is, he just flatly refused because he was “busy”.

Guess what expat man, so are we!And I can make better use of my time by not having to deal with time wasters like you!

I then politely told him that he needed to find someone to do the job and quite quickly, he started to arrow someone else.

You know what –  I absolutely HATE working with people like that. And, all I wanted to do was to just do my job. These pests seem to have it so easy while they let other people pick up their shit.

Like I said, people can be such prudes.

Yes,I know – life isn’t fair. And sometimes, you have to blame (nice) people like me let an asshole like him get away with things. I guess I could have been a bitch, but I choose not to.


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