January 9, 2013

Resolution and being stupid

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It has now been more than a week since the first day of 2013 and most people I met are asking or telling me what their resolution(s) for the year is (are). Good for them I’d say.

Me? I have none; I gave up making one more than a decade ago, simply because I could never be bothered to follow through any of it. They (resolutions) usually sound pretty damn good on 31st December, and come 1st Jan, they lose all meaning, I lose all steam and then think it is the most stupidest thing I could ever think of.

Above all, I (really do!) think resolutions are just bullshit – I mean, if you have made up your mind to do something, just go do it – find the necessary time if you have to, but just start working on it regardless the time of the year. Hell – if I made up my mind to bake at 10 pm, I’ll do it regardless! That does not mean that I’ll start baking at 10 pm every day.
Resolutions are nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy. Realise that they can be detrimental to your health as you would have kindly set yourself up for failure if you don’t achieve the goals you purposefully set with full-on determination.  If you do achieve those goals, I’d say, good on you. And if you take yourself too seriously, well…don’t. Life is too short for that.
Just because I stopped making resolutions for the new year does not mean that I stopped wanting to improve myself altogether. Au contraire. There are things that I would want to do, but I’d prefer to space them out and not be bound by them in black and white imprints. I don’t want to stress myself out unnecessarily.

In the years that passed me by, I have learnt to relax and let-go better. I am happier when I am able to laugh at myself. I love self-deprecating humour and I have no issues laughing at myself. I have no ego whatsoever and maybe, that’s just my doom. But that’s OK, because the only way I can learn is knowing that I can be entitled to sometimes feel comfortably stupid.

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