January 2, 2013

Mucking about

Category: Being Parents

Trust a toddler to keep herself occupied and finding something new to do (sometimes annoying things) while we were chilling out during our morning coffee at a coffee place near home.

Wondering what she was doing there in that picture? For most part of our time there, she ran in and out of the coffee place, and then for a good few minutes, she smacks her lips on the glass panels (which was funny initially) before deciding that licking the glass panels from top to bottom and side to side would somehow make the game more interesting.

She thought it was funny, and apparently, Squirt thought the whole thing was quite amusing too.Getting her to stop licking the glass panel became a different ballgame altogether.

So there were mysterious looking gunk and splotches on the glass panels, and god knows what other nasty stuff Spud might have licked off the glass panels…I don’t think the coffee joint would have appreciated the free cleaning services from my toddler either!

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