January 12, 2013

Colourful Sukhumvit

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Downtown Bangkok is getting more vibrant with one of the over head bridges being decorated with giant, colourful balls in the recent weeks.

They look pretty neat from afar,vibrant even! However, when you are actually walking on the bridge itself, the giant balloons are actually installed on a thick piece of cement boulder from one end to the other with each boulder pretty much blocking half of the intended walkway meant for overhead users; which means the space for walking is now much, much narrower than it already is.

But, that doesn’t matter. Downtown Bangkok is now looking more cheerful than it ever was before. And THAT, is all that matters! 😀

(I have also been wondering if they move the colours around, because sometimes, I thought the purples are replaced by greens. But my eyes could just as well be playing tricks on me)

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